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ACP International Membership Fee: $120 for professional membership per annum and $40 for students in a full-time academic program.

Local Network Fee: Local networks are independent organizations that determine their own member services and structure. Some local networks charge an additional fee for local services. For these networks you have the option of purchasing ACP International membership only, or purchasing both ACP International membership and local network service (where applicable). The local networks who charge fees for local membership are listed below. To purchase local membership please click on one of the local network links below.

New England
, Philadelphia, UK


  • New England Professional Renew includes ACP International membership AND local Network Fees. Total $190.
  • You may also choose dual membership with HRL includes all member privileges of both organizations.

ACP International Membership

New England

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive an email notifying you that you are now an active member of ACP International.


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